Transmission & Safety Critical Components

Near-Zero PPM

Transmission Components


These may look like small parts, but there is a lot riding on them. While just a handful out of the thousands of components in an automatic transmission, the cost to replace a bad one is just as expensive as any other part. Which is why we manage the entire process beyond stamping: from material selection to heat treating and finishing, and even in some cases 100% inspection, to ensure our customers receive quality parts.



Safety Critical Components


With or without an inverted delta, if the small part is critical to the safety or performance of your product, can you trust it to just any metal stamper? Wouldn’t you feel safer if it was being supplied by a company where “Excellence & Service with Integrity” was the mantra? We sweat the small stuff because small stuff is our core business.



Critical Components


We engineer the manufacturing process to achieve your specifications (–and not just the dimensional tolerances) in a repeatable process. And then monitor and manage that process because by our values we couldn’t do anything less.


Critical components have exacting specifications. Some of them which we have achieved are: Flatness within 0.15mm AFTER heat treating; Spring load force tolerance within 5 N; Select fit shims differentiated by 0.01mm; Parts cleaned of any particles larger than 600 microns, or even under 200 microns


A repeatable process is highly dependent upon a design that is manufacturable. That is why in any given week our application engineers are spending time with our customers helping them improve their design for manufacturability –often for a resulting design that is a lower cost to manufacture.


Responding to our customers with “I’m sorry you’re having problems, but our part is within specifications” isn’t doing the right thing. Instead, for example, we have taken the extra step to fully inspect a batch of parts for the customer to run through their automated lines to understand what specific dimension can cause their problem.

Do you need us to sweat the small stuff for you?