“Excellence & Service with Integrity”

This is not just a gimmick to us. This is what we turn to when we have tough decisions to make. This is what we use to push each other. This is how we strive to behave because it is how we want to be treated. These values are core to our company culture.


Excellence is simply doing things right. By combining technical expertise in stamping and subassembly, Small Parts, Inc. is able to provide manufacturers and their component suppliers with superior value through design and project support--while emphasizing value-added manufacturing.


Service is about doing things with the right attitude. Small Parts, Inc. is committed to strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and customer service is the cornerstone. We make it our policy to go above and beyond what is expected, and truly work to develop healthy relationships with our customers.


Integrity is about doing the right thing. We believe in conducting business with honesty, integrity, dignity and respect. We will always strive to act with integrity by functioning as a good corporate citizen in our manufacturing locations.

The Benefits of working with Small Parts, Inc.

Design recommendations for improved quality and lower costs. The right metal forming process for best use of material. If necessary, compressed timing or in-process design changes. Sub-assemblies, heat-treating, plating, coating or grinding beyond simple stamp and ship. Transparency in material costs and scrap material recovery. Insulation from volatile raw material costs. Supply from the Mid-West USA or Mexico. We can do more for you than just ship a high-quality component on time for a competitive price.

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