Electrical Supply & Connection

Making a good part for a good connection

Low Voltage Distribution Systems


There are a lot of connections involved in turning on a light bulb. Connections all the way back to the power plant. Our customers work diligently to ensure every one of those connections are safe and reliable. We are proud to help in our small way by diligently manufacturing many of the metal components that go into making those reliable connections.





Leading technology changes is the work of our customers. Figuring out how to best make the small parts that carry the current is ours.



Automotive Electrical Distribution


Lighter weight, lower power loses, longer life, and lower cost appear to be conflicting design objectives. We don’t have all the answers, but through our supply chain partners we have access to a wide range of alloys which we are constantly learning how to form and finish more efficiently and more robustly.



Electrical Connections


Your customers will never know about our parts. Because if we can work together to make a great connection every time at a lower cost, they can focus on enjoying the benefits from your product and not worry about the electrical connection.


With 49 different non-ferrous alloys in production, from basic C110 copper to designer high-performance alloys; from 0.1 mm to 2.0 mm gauge; bare, plated, selective-plated, and tinned; we’ve learned how to turn just about any material into the part you want.


Our application engineers are spending time with our customers helping them improve their design for manufacturability: e.g., picking materials, avoiding “bad way bends,” and reducing scrap for a resulting design that is often a lower cost to manufacture.


We are in the business of making good parts, not in reselling expensive scrap. Which is why we credit back to our customers the net compensation we receive for disposing of their scrap. We call this “material neutrality” –the material is all yours, we’re just here to turn it into good parts.

Could your connections benefit from better made components?